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Rebrand | Web Design | SEO + PPC | Email Marketing

Xport Forwarding is a global freight forwarder who helps customers book ocean freight online through their web platform. While their CTO and their development team took to the creation of their backend app, we helped build their brand, build their website, create their email marketing campaign and automation and continue to grow their audience with Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising.

In a category filled with competition with deep pockets, our goal was to find niche terms and specific searches to identify and work with. We use analytics, research teams and specialists to identify potential lanes and untapped potential for search and new leads through paid advertising.

As we suggest for all our clients, we’ve had a successful email marketing campaign with Xport with a year-over-year open rate staying above 18% with an open rate above 2%. Staying top of mind with an ever changing global marketplace is essential and we aim to tap every resource possible.

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