Telling your story is what we do.

As you may have read already on our site, we tell stories across different platforms. Finding other companies to tout your successes is a fantastic way to grow your audience. At the crux of this storytelling is what makes you different, disruptive and special. We all have it, it just takes some digging to find out our strategic goals and where is best poised to get your story out. These can be national publications or very niche markets, depending on who your story is targeting and what your story is. Our case study below is for our architecture client, SweisKloss.

Case Study | SweisKloss

2018 was a tough year for California. Wildfires were growing evermore popular and the threat to homes in rural and cities were proving more and more likely as the year went on. Between the Camp fire, Woolsey fire, Hill fire, and Carr fire to name a few, we in California were seeing unprecedented damage and destruction. Through our conversations with Abeer Sweis, we came to realize that she had built homes in multiple fire zones. The most direct was in Ojai. Homes around the property were burned to the ground yet her build stood completely unharmed. We asked further questions about this and realized that she had a specialty, without thinking about it, for fire-resistant building. Using higher quality building materials that can aid in preservations of home through the use of specific fire-resistant materials. With this in mind, we knew that it was the right time to discuss these types of building practices as California and other parts of the country will be hit with even greater fire concerns in years to come. Many publications agreed and Dwell, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, USA Today picked up stories about how to prepare for fires and how to build with fire-consciousness at the forefront.