We help tell stories.

The term “branding” has become synonymous with building a new company. Branding companies have always been around, but increased awareness of the term helps us all conceptualize what it means to have a brand. Many small businesses think branding sounds expensive and may have a hard time justifying its importance. You started a company, you sell a service or product, it’s showing success and onward you go. You made yourself a logo, maybe your nephew or daughter had a friend who has done them before and it works well enough. By works, I mean there’s an image or text on your website or business card that you hope identifies your business.

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But, is it really representative of who you are? We like to think of brand as a personality. We help identify your company’s personality and through that personality, communication with your clients are done in a cohesive manner that’s grounded in that foundation. We recently spoke to a potential client about brand and they thought of it as the “hood ornament” on a car. The company has an amazing product, they are quite successful already and their product “speaks for itself”. Using the car analogy, we asked, so what’s the difference between “Volkswagen” and “Audi”, “Lexus versus Toyota”? While the product speaks for itself, even reading this, you already have an emotional reaction to the car. Volkswagen and Audi use the same engine parts and are both made in Germany, yet you’ll pay thousands more for an Audi.

Audi focuses on refined luxury meeting playful sport. It is also extremely aspirational. Volkswagen on the other hand is familial, safe and economical. Same general pieces, completely different story.

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That is where we come in. We help tell a story. Your story. We ask you questions, dive deep into who you are and who you want to be. Companies are complex, tension-filled, beautiful little ecosystems. The fun in telling ones story lies within that tension.

As an exercise, ask yourself a couple questions, get deep and find your fun. Look at brands all around you and ask yourself, what story are they telling? Is it in line with what you think it is? Look at REI versus Camping World, BMW versus Mercedes, you versus your competition. Same general categories, completely different stories.

Let us help you tell your story. Let’s find your tension and create a beautiful voice.