Yeah, we can do custom publications.

Before we began Sixth Street, we were in the newspaper business. Rob and I both worked for a local news source and the type of selling required for that type of publication is getting to know your local community as best as possible. Through this type of hyper-local advertising, we realized that there were better ways to do custom mailers. We all get coupons in our mail, random advertisements, but what if that custom mailer was more like a mini newspaper with community stories, activities and sales? Sure, you can sell your business, but how do you ingratiate yourself with the community, what are you doing to better your neighborhood and your potential clientele? Let’s tell that story.

Case Study | Ben Lee Properties

Ben Lee is the #6 Coldwell Banker in the world. He sells multi-million dollar homes and specializes in 3 specific communities: Rancho Park, Cheviot Hills and Beverlywood. All Los Angeles micro-communities that have a deep sense of community. He does all of your typical advertising, but how do you create word of mouth, grow sense of community and show your love of the community you serve? Tell that in story form. We started with Ben and his team 7 years ago. Building trust within the community takes time and careful vulnerability. In these past years, we created a narrative around Ben and his family that goes beyond selling homes, but tells both his families story of love of the neighborhood, but how you can too. It creates a stronger bond with the community and through that it keeps Ben top of mind when both sellers and buyers in the area were looking for the right time to get in the market.