Marketing & Sales Consulting Suite of Services

*prices depend on client's needs


At 6th St., we pride ourselves on knowing our community.  We get excited by learning your community.  Blending those two are what creates an effective marketing campaign.  We use all our resources to make sure you are ingratiating yourself with your community and maximizing possibilities open to you.


Brand Identity  

Many times overlooked, this can be an integral part in the success of your business.  Do you know who you are as a company?  Do you know your target demographic?  Do you know what differentiates you in the marketplace and how to give yourself identifiable traits that are you uniquely yours?  Taking the time to identify and hone in on your brand and identity can improve sales and group cohesion, gives you a common language and workbook so that upper-management, middle-management and sales teams are on the same page everytime.

Business Development

We work strongly with small businesses to develop weekly, monthly and yearly business goals.  The creation of a strong and cohesive business plan is step 1 in aligning your businesses needs, wants and goals.  We can help implement any and all parts of this strategy and keep your business aligned and on target for the whole process.




Marketing Strategy

A company can live or die on it's strategy for marketing and building a strong marketing strategy is different for every business based on their unique set of needs.  Depending on your techniques and your marketplace, digital, physical and/or community events could best deliver your desired results.  We help you create a wholistic approach that blends a variety of tools and techniques and drills down to exactly who your target customer is and how you reach them. 

Sales & Staff Training

Do you have time to train your sales staff?  We can help.  Sales is a science, it takes work each and every day and a commitment to an effective process that drives sales success. Moreover, once you’ve acquired customers, strong relationships and quality service are what keep them coming back. We can help you implement a strong sales and customer service strategy by working with your team on proven principles techniques and best practices.