Public Relations Suite of Services

*prices depend on client's needs


While social media is all the rage these days, nothing gets you closer to your customer then good ol' fashioned community engagement.  With our quality staff and years of personal connections, we can get your company in front of the right people.  From sidewalk sales to in-store demos, we have you covered.


Traditional PR

You have enough on your plate.  Why not hire a company who knows how to talk your talk.  We can write press releases, pitch earned content to media outlets, ghost write speeches and assist on any other public relations you need as a growing company.

Community Engagement

Small businesses need exposure.  Period.  Proving your place in the marketplace is a mixture of hard work, dedication and exposure.  You might have the greatest product around, but if no one knows you exist, what's the point. Community engagement is the right type of marketing for many different types of businesses.  This could be getting in front of audiences or hosting an event.  Maybe you think that sponsoring the local youth baseball team links well with your image, great.  We help bring together businesses with community and get your business found in an organic and natural way.



Crisis Management

While you might not be as big as United Airlines, all companies have PR issues that arise that could've been handled properly if the right team were there to take over in an instant.  We can that team.  Let us troubleshoot, be proactive and help you to regain trust.